New420Guy Seeds 2019 Calendar

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The New420Guy Seeds 2019 Calendar is here! This beautiful flip calendar features glamour shots of some of our strains in bloom and in flower form. The pages are large enough to mark important dates, times, etc. All the major US holidays are listed as well as Full Moon information (for those who plant by the moon). Add a New420Guy Seeds magnet for only a couple bucks more and put it on your fridge so you’ll never forget where to get your seeds! This year, as an added feature we have included 2 coupon codes to save you 15% on 2 special days in the year (4/20 and Christmas)

The new New420Guy Seeds 2019 Calender. It’s a must have for everyone!


Lots more New420Guy Seeds gear coming soon!


Friday, 17 May 2019
Gotta keep your dates , stats , feeds and waterings noted and logged . And it comes with a nice 420guyseeds pen .. well I got one one lol
Victor Manzano